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The glowing light that you see on the front of an xBox 360 console is NEVER a sign of enlightenment. It’s actually a sign of dreaded degradation, they are what you would call the xBox 360 (3) red circles of death – doom.
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It is estimated that around one-third of all gaming xBox consoles are afflicted with this kind of malady of the red circles of doom. They are basically just symptomatic of the usual hardware malfunction that’s afflicted many of the xBox consoles that were sold on the market since the product’s launching in 2005. Different sources peg the percentage of afflicted consoles from 14.5% to 30% of the total number of consoles sold.

Not a lot of people know that there are actually different types of xBox 360 three red lights of death. Some of these deaths are more serious than others. The button on an xBox console can actually be broken up into four different sections.

All of these sections glow a healthy green when your xBox is functioning properly.

The first section is at the top right hand of the circle.

The second section is at the bottom right hand

The third section on the bottom left hand

The fourth portion is on the top left hand.

 You can diagnose your xBox this way:

  • Overheating. You will know if your console has simply overheated if the bottom right hand side is glowing red. xBox consoles are known for having the worst cooling systems. When overheating happens, let the box rest of an hour or two.

  • Disconnection. When your console lights up on all four sections, it only means that your AV cable has been disconnected from the console. In this case, you only need to plug back the cable and restart the console.

  • General hardware problems (very serious). You’ll know if you’ve got a general hardware problem on your xBox console if you see the bottom left hand in red. You’ll know if you’ve got a problem too when all the sections except for the top right hand are glowing. Now you know how an xBox 360 red rings of doom looks like.
    General hardware problems

General hardware problems often cause your xBox to be unusable. You will run into some hardware problems when the intercooler malfunctions or if the soldering on the motherboard becomes loose.

Because of DVD drive considerations, xBox consoles are designed with a reduced heat sink, and your console could heat up to 100 degrees Celsius and maybe even more. When it is very hot, the soldering on the motherboard tends to break and thus causing a break in the connection. Hardcore gamers love to use the towel fix as a band-aid solution, although it really is nothing more than a fire hazard.

When a hardware malfunction happens, you can opt to buy a new console, have it repaired at a service center (and miss it four at least four weeks), or you could fix the xBox 360 (3) red circle\s of death – doom yourself. Click here for more information on how you could fix red lights of doom.




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