Fix The xBox 360 Three (3) Red Rings Of Light

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The xBox 360 three (3) red ring of lights is perhaps the most dreaded among xBox lovers, for good reason.

Seeing those three lights flashing on the console almost always means the three (3) red lights of death have altogether staked their claim on your xBox. In other words, your fun has been taken over by your gaming console’s hardware failure- your xbox 360 not working now.

Released in 2005, the xBox 360 would’ve been the prized toy of hardcore gamers everywhere if not for its hardware issues, which happens to be very prevalent – around 16.5% of the total number of units sold flashed the Fix Red Lights of Doom sign, so to speak.

Your very own xBox console may have even experienced the same problem – you knew it the moment your own console flashed three red lights and just wouldn’t start.

The problem with the xBox consoles is that the hardware was designed to accommodate the DVD drive more than anything else. Although Microsoft dares not admit it, this has led to the LSI heating sink being downsized. On a very hot day, your xBox could be as hot as 100 degrees Celsius, leading to a breaking in the soldering connection in the motherboard. People love to temporarily fix the problem using towels, which basically just turns the heat up on the console to expand the soldering.

Fix ing The xbox 360 three (3) red light error problem - quick repair

It’s not very difficult to find an xBox 360 three (3) red light error problem fix. You can actually do three things:

  • Try putting your console out in an open space and remove dirt or debris. The most common problem that plagues gaming consoles is overheating. To dissipate heat, xBox has heat sinks, fans and vented openings, but when these are blocked, this greatly affects the performance of your console.

  • Diagnose the problem yourself using an xBox a 3 red light guide. The problem areas of an xBox is its Nyko Intercooler and its Graphics Processing Unit or GPU. Microsoft admits that its intercooler system takes up too much power and causes faultiness in the console, like scorching in the power AC input. On the other hand, the xBox’s GPU tends overheat, causing the motherboard to flex and loosen the soldering of the parts.

  • Look for the warranty card. For the xBox, Microsoft offers a warranty of 90 days, which can get your console repaired for free. This warranty was extended in 2007 to all consoles suffering from hardware failures.

You can do either of those things when you’re seeing three red lights on your console. But be forewarned, because of the sheer number of faulty consoles, you now have to wait at least four weeks for your console to be fixed by a service center.

Four weeks is invariably too long a time for any hardcore game, so it’s really not surprising that many are opting for a Do-It-Yourself approach. You can find some of the best the xbox 360 three (3) red rings of lights fixing guides out here. Go now and order!


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