Fix The Xbox 360 no audio no video problem

Below is an email I got:

Hi, in my computer Xbox 360 facing problem in video card. The problem is Xbox 360 no audio sound no video.

 When I used to play GTA4, my computer screen starts changing many shades of colors.

Now Xbox 360 not working so fine after 14 days. It is reading the controllers, but the problem is in Xbox 360 no audio no video. This Xbox 360 no audio no video problem is not problem of TV or the cords.

 It may be the problem of GPU, but I don’t know how to solve it. Warranty expires for this Xbox 360, so I opened it and removed all the parts including motherboard. But I didn’t find any malfunction in Xbox 360.

I request you PLEASE help me in this problem. I asking you that can I solve this problem myself? Or shall I want to give this to a computer repair store.

this was my answer: In Xbox consoles, audio problem in Xbox 360 is common. This problem is similar to the red ring of death problem.

You will find the reasons for the audio problem in Xbox from this article and also find what are steps required to fix this problem. Don’t try to dismantle.

It is possible to fix your console problem yourself and you can play games in one or two hours.

He has given response after my detailed guidance. This was his response: Xbox 360 no audio no video problem -read more...


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