xbox 360 red lights towel trick - NOT Recommended!

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This is a summery of the famous xBox 360 red lightsxBox 360 red lights towel trick fix method towel trick fix method a lot of users asked for it to here you you just bear in mind it is dangerous and you could burn your xbox with that fix!


Towell trick fix Guide

If your xBox 360 has suffered an untimely death (theTowel trick fix Guide three red rings of death just flashed on the power button), there are some things you can do to help bring your console back to life. For all the purported quick fix solutions, the most popular thus far is the xBox 360 towel trick fix method.


 what is the real score on this quick fix method?

The red ring towel trick is done by first removing the controllers to your xBox. Also, remove the connecting wires with the exception of the power cable. Wrap the console box with three towels and leave it for 25 minutes or so. Let it cool and then put the power back on again.

The ring of death towel trick became popular because of overheating problems that are basically just typical of xBox 360 consoles. And while you can do it yourself, fact that is, the xBox 360 red lights towel trick really doesn’t fix anything.

 That’s because the problem that the towel method is trying to fix is something that lies deep within the box, that is, because of overheating, the soldering on the motherboard became loose (Microsoft’s xBox soldering more brittle than the old soldering method because it is lead-free).

The three red lights is caused invariably by the xBox’s strong and powerful central processing unit (CPU).

The CPU can generate heat that is too high for the soldering connection to the console’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

The heat causes the connection to the circuit board to break, and that’s when you see the dreaded three red lights. What the towel method aims at is to heat up the console so that the soldering heats up and expands and cause the parts to connect to each other again.

A powerful CPU should, in fact, be good news (a powerful CPU means a powerful gaming experience), but the fact is, because of a compromise in the heat sink, many xBox consoles tend to overheat especially on a hot day - your console can go as high as 100 degrees, Centigrade, not Fahrenheit.

But no matter how noble the intention, the fact is, the towel method also causes the console’s motherboard to heat up, and you’re actually putting your house on the path of fire.

A much better option is for you to use a heat gun, open the console and reconnect the soldering. But if you’re only good at playing games and have some problems comprehending how-to instructions from a fix-it guide, then you better be prepared to part with your console for at least four weeks.

We know, we know, it’s too long a time to be away from gaming pleasure. You’d be lucky if your console is still covered by warranty. Otherwise, prepare to shell out $140 for repairing your console, and think about giving up that xBox 360 towel trick method fix.


  • The last solution:

An xBox 360 3 RROD fix-it guide, you would only need to shell out a few dollars and pick on your gray matters for a bit. But don’t take our word for it. Order a guide now you have 60 days money back so it is guaranteed.







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