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When the error of overheating arises, red lights number 1 and 3 flash at a time. This ultimately locks or ‘freezes’ the console. However, if the XBox 360 is getting locked up at regular intervals during a particular game then it must be the game’s problem.

This has nothing to do with the overheating problem. Here are the tips to fix this problem.

  • Let the console cool down by itself. This may take several hours.
    Switch on the sealing fan or air conditioner in the room to speed up the process.
     Never switch on the console when it is heated up. Wait till it is sufficiently cooled down. Check out whether the ventilation fan in the console is working.

  • Though it takes several hours to cool down the console, never try following tricks to cool it down faster.
    Don’t put the console in the freezer or in the cold weather outside to cool it down. These tricks look like a ‘quick fix’, but may introduce several new problems.

    [xbox 360 three (3) flashing-blinking red light]

  • The electronic devices are made in such a way that they work at room temperature. If they are introduced to extreme temperatures, some of the parts of the device may get damaged.
    Especially, when the console is heated up, it should not be introduced to extreme cold surrounding.
    The condensation process will short the console and can cause serious damage.

  • Improving the cooling system is a better way to saving console from overheating.
    This can be done by replacing the thermal compound. The users can try replacing on their own or contact a servicing centre.

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