Procedure for Cleaning Xbox 360

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It is necessary to clean Xbox 360 on a regular basis to enhance its longevity. If you don’t pay attention towards its cleaning and maintenance, very soon it will stop functioning properly. The first and foremost thing you need to focus while cleaning Xbox 360 gaming unit is its console. In this article, we will guide you on how to clean Xbox 360 in the right manner. Below are given a series of four steps that you need to follow to clean consoles effectively.

• Before starting with the cleaning process, disconnect everything except the main source of power, as it is needed for opening the disc tray. Take out everything from openings to sockets to ports.
• Take a towel and start cleaning. Do not just clean from outside but inside as well. Thoroughly clean the vents, power sockets, area below hard drive and memory card slot. Spend some time to wipe away the entire dust particles.
• In the next step, give due consideration to clean the disc tray. Blow air to wipe off the hidden dust particles.
• If you find that there are some scratches on the disc, then take a soft piece of cloth and scratch solution offered in the care kit of Xbox 360 game and clean each of the scratches.

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The second thing in priority is the Xbox 360 wireless controller. Console and controller are the two prime things that need to be properly cleaned.

Steps to clean Xbox 360 controller are:

• To begin with, place your Xbox 360 wireless controller on a clean surface perhaps on the table.
• Take a toothpick and try to clean dirt from its triggers. If you think toothpick is not of much help, then you can take a pin or needle. Run the pointed part of toothpick along the top and bottom half layer of the controller.
• If there is a stain, try to clean it by using a wet piece of cloth or with a toothbrush. Do not make the mistake of putting drops of water, as it can cause harm to the Xbox 360 gaming system.



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