XBox360 3 Red Lights Free Xbox Repair Guide  

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When such problem arises, three of the red LEDs start flashing.

This type of error is highly infamous as it simply stops the Xbox 360 from working.

 This error is also termed as “red ring of death”. Here are some fixes for this problem.

  1.  Initial step is, to restart the Xbox 360 console.

  2. If this doesn’t work, following steps may work. Turn off the complete console.
    Remove all the Av and power cables attached to the console. Remove the power cable from the socket on the wall as well.
     Reconnect all these cables firmly. If the problem is a loose connection, this solution will definitely work.

  3. If that’s not the problem, disconnect the hard drive. Now switch on the XBox 360 console.
    See whether the three red lights are still flashing. If not then switch off the console and reconnect the hard drive.
     Turn on the Xbox 360 once again. This time, the red lights may stop flashing. When the console is switched on, examine the power supply lights. The power supply light should be green, even though the three red lights are flashing.

  4. The red ring of death problem may be solved by using the paid guides. The guides explain step by step solution with videos to this problem. Anyone can fix the problem all by themselves just by using the guide.

This is a major problem and you should take a look at our detailed review here

[xbox 360 3 rrod fix]



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